Tenerife – EPIC

I just came back from a Tenerife-Trip with my buddy Manuel Grafenauer. We did some filming and testing for a magazin. Had nice 2 weeks with some Sessions in El Cabezo with 5.3 and 4.2 weather. I really liked the SideOn Conditions – they are perfect to improve your jumping skills.

The locals and PWA Wave Pros Dany Bruch and Adam Lewis were incredibly ripping the shit out of the spot. Epic Doubles and other BIG jumps. Both seem to be hot for the upcoming season. Saw Dany trying some really sick new moves.

So perfect – when there s no wind in el medano – you have a really big chance to score some surf in Las Americas (10min from el medano) or in the north of tenerife.
Or at least you can go partying full power to Las Americas with a bunch of drunk english guys. And if you couldnt score some waves i think you guys could score some prostitu… ahh girls there to get exhausted.

Anyway here are some pics of our trip:

bump and jump sailing with 4.7
Me doing a backie in 4.7 bump n jump conditions.

Met Free Willy at the Loro Parque… Actually he was not so free… Nevertheless it was really impressing to watch such a big animal so close.

Me Posing for a VideoShot…


Check out this Roadtrippin’ Outtakes. Unfortunately only in german(austrian) language.
Starring: The Fool Nr1 and the Fool Nr2

Also a lot of Thanks to Rudi Seeberger and the Guys of the OTC (Adam, James, Ben, Trist, …) who made the Time in Tenerife S.U.P.E.R S.E.X.Y!!



Check out this nice tune of the OTC playlist:


With this song in my ears i will pack my bags now… heading to Bonaire on Tuesday ;-)

Cheers Max


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