It seems that everybody got his kryptonite in a certain way… *

*(not talking about any weed – haha – talking about a weakness)


Flo’s Krypto is defenitely the sun… Check out his leg after 3 hours of windsurfing the caribbean sea. altough he was using loads of decent sunblocker. you could draw on it!! I ve never seen such a massive sunburn before… #FLAMEEENGO_RED

it was 5.3 weather most of the windy days here in bonaire so far. took some shots with my gopro hero 2.
the housing is getting foggy all the time, altough im using the gopro anti fog pads… any suggestions?! #WTKr?!

Flaka with my 5.3m North Hero. #earlyplanning


Pic 1) The local fishermen are constantly landing loads of big fish such as Tunas, Dorados and Wahoos.
unfortunately I AM NOT (not even one) – So we just bought an 8kg Wahoo.

Pic2) Me filetting the BIG FISH.

Pic3) Mhhhhhhh!

Pic4) Wahoo in olive-oil with a bit of garlic, seasalt, pepper and lemon.

Pic5) Wahoo-Schnitzel ;-) of course… I’m from Austria.

Pic6) Wahoo-Wraps.

Pic7) Ceasare Finies protecting his delicious Wahoo-Wrap with a massive Knife.

Pic8) Sunburn-Anesthesia. Flo with his Birthday Vodka-Melon.


…Wahoo seems to be delicious in any variation. Even 2 HardCore-fish-HATER-girls ate and enjoyed… ;-) #changeofmind #nokryptoniteanymore



My Musicvideo/Song of the day: Trouble Over Tokyo – KRYPTONITE


Windguru is predicting nice winds  in a few days. Watch out for some Action Pics soon ;-)

Cheers, Max








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