EURO TRIP Pt.1 – France

Thats what the Austrian Media wrote about my past weeks.
-> I could get 6th overall in the European Freestyle Pro Tour Overall Ranking and won the RedBull Night Tow In in Weymouth.
13th place in France and 9th in the UK.
Pretty stoked about it. Check out the pics of my private photo gallery in this and the next update to see the Efpt events from a different angle.


This time I put the song of the Update on top of the blog due to the big pile of pics. I really like this track altough its really mainstream and probably in a month you cant listen to it anymore because radio stations killed it. Anyway. Reminiscents me of Sting and the Police.

On the way to Le Brusc

finally arrived at the event site of the – EFE – European Funboard Expression

Visit the links below. The event photographers got some nice Action and Lifestyle shots of the event:


My phone pics of the UK-Trip will be abit funnier…

so stay tuned – next update is dropping soon.




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