The Epic ZA Update

Hey everybody!

Most of you probably have already seen my new Action Clip “Max Matissek – ZA”
If not, you can check it out here:

Max Matissek – ZA from lake alliance on Vimeo.


I’d like to show you some Outtakes and “behind the scenes stuff”
What do you think Windsurfers? Could this become a new move?
Some kind of “Burner – BodyVarial” i think its possible… But could be a shin-breaker…

Could this become a new Windsurf Move? – from lake alliance on Vimeo.

A view weeks ago i uploaded this picture of Steven Van Broeckhoven – B72  playing Golf on my Facebookpage:

Steven still fully claims that the ball was photoshopped ;-) haha
Check out the funny shortclip below which i just cut quickly together to see what really happend on that day off the water. Steven playing Golf the first time ever. In the beginning it was really funny.
Keep it REAAAL! ;-P

Steven Van Broeckhoven – Golf Driving Range by from lake alliance on Vimeo.


Thats it for now.

There are some more cool updates coming from Cape Town.
Some Lifestyleclips of my Great White Shark experience and another one!

Cheers, Max


My song of the update: “SBTRKT – Wildfire”
Love the sound and dig the vid


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